Power Analysis / Mains Monitoring


It is often required to record the power used by an electrical system or parts of it over a week or so. Power analysis/ mains monitoring is conducted using a portable instrument capable of accurate measurement and assessment of energy consumption and demand in commercial and industrial 3 phase installations up to 2000 Amps per phase. The instrument will record the following parameters, Amps, KVA, KW, KVAr, Volts, KWh, KVArh,  Power factor, maximum demand and phase balance. These are recorded per phase and in total as applicable. A reading is taken every 10 minutes (on standard settings)

Typical applications

  • Assess the maximum demand prior to or following additions and alterations,
  • Assessment of the demand in order to implement energy saving measures.
  • Trouble shoot load imbalance
  • To clearly see the load profile of an installation typically over a week
  • Not suitable for short spikes/ brown outs/ inrush currents 

Report information

All data is displayed clearly on colour graphs (daily and for the period) and on daily data tables. The report summary sheet clearly provides details on phase balance, maximum demand, average demand, power factor. The report is downloaded into two Adobe PDF files the ‘basic file’ contains the data in graph form for the recorded period. The ‘Full file’ contains the same information as the basic file along with the daily graphs and text data tables. Additionally if you subsequently require specific graphs of for example - yellow phase Amps on a particular day of the survey, these can be down loaded from our original file and reproduced in PDF format.

The recorded data is provided but no technical comment is included in a standard report, although this can be carried out as an addition service if required.


Fitting and removal

The instrument requires no live connections and can usually be fitted with out the need for shut downs. Most readings are taken from the rogowski split insulated CT coils. The voltage and instrument power is provided via a 13 Amp plug. Once installed, warning notices are installed at all relevant points to warn against interference of the instrument and its power supply. All necessary precautions are taken in line with the Electricity at work regulations and our own electrical testing method statement. Electrical safety is not compromised in any way by the temporary fitting of the instrument. After a period of time usually one week the instrument is removed and the data down loaded to a PC.


A clear LCD display shows all Values instantaneous Energy this & last period

Menu easy operation Control special set-ups

Profile IV: 6,120,500,2000A

The complete dynamic current range of 0-2000 amps

Profile energy loggers have comprehensive recording and measurement facilities and are

designed to provide the right capability at the right time.KW & kVAr each of all phases

KWh for the system

KVarh for the system

Volts voltage measured

kVA for the system

Amps* current being used

P.F.* power factor

Pulse kWh, gas, water

*calculated parameter

Each unit supplied complete with 3

current coils (Rogowski type) suitable for

volt -free measurements in LV

Each unit comes complete with:

Profile energy logger in

95 x 195mm case

Clamps cables up to 65mm dia.

0 to 2000 amp

Power lead supplied for LV Connection

Output RS232 download lead Supplied

Case for profile and accessories

Manual user manual with clear instructions

Propower2 Reporting Software