Thermal Imaging

Thermal Image inspections are undertaken using a infrared camera and instantly make hot spots visible on a clear thermal image. Thermography or thermal imaging is a method of producing visual images from invisible thermal radiation or Infrared. Its role as a maintenance aid is becoming increasingly important and its use more widespread amongst forward thinking clients.

You can scan electrical cabinets, and components, and survey multiple wires, and connections to get an instant picture of any potential problems. Images are analysed to identify faults which may cause equipment failure or damage. The problem area can therefore be repaired before ultimate failure occurs.

We carry out a high quality and efficient survey and can produce a report on our findings promptly so that your problems can be identified and resolved quickly. The thermal imaging survey is carried out by a Flir product trained engineer. Thermographic surveys provide an instantaneous means of identifying potential problem areas undetectable by more conventional maintenance The reports contain detailed information on the defects found and contain information on remedial action along with regular digital images to aid identification. Any defects located are given codes in a similar format to electrical periodic inspections. The reports are sent out in pdf format via email usually within 3 working days.

Amongst the many benefits of using this service are the possible reduction in breakdown maintenance costs and possible insurance advantages. Nearly everything that uses or transmits power increases in temperature before it ultimately fails.To undertake a thermographic survey of electrical equipment is quick, simple, non contact and does not require a shutdown of electrical supply making it very cost
effective and can be undertaken without disrupting your business operations.

The usual electrical items inspected are main switch gear, distribution boards, circuit breakers, control panels, Motors and control gear, Busbar systems, Tap off boxes, Ups systems, PFC equipment, transformers and virtually anything else within the installation. Lose connections , failing switch gear & control devices, over loads, phase imbalance, and corroded connections are some of the problems that will cause an increase of temperature. The thermal camera will see clearly these problems typically well in advance of a failure.